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These are the five exercises that you must do before leaving for work

These are the five exercises that you must do before leaving for work

This one is for all lazy bones out there who frown when they hear the word ‘exercise’. And this time, you cannot excuse yourself in pretext of being superbly busy. Yes! We are talking about quick workouts that you can do anywhere anytime but preferably in the morning before leaving for work.

Jumping jacks

Fitness coach Namrata Purohit, who authored The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Being Fit, says in the book that one of the four-minute workout can be a combination of jumping jacks, high knees, crunches and wall-sits. Purohit suggests that each of these exercises should be done for just 1 minute each.

“All you need is 4 minutes. You can even do these 5 times a day. Taking a 4-minute break between work and any other routine is not difficult. Any work out is better than no workout,” she says.

Skipping and squating

The second set of our 4-minutes workout consists of 2 minute each of skipping and squats. But mind you these should be done in rotation. “The main key to losing weight, of course, is to burn more calories than you eat. If you cut down on your high calorie food intakes such as sweets, biscuits, ice creams and cakes, then you would have cut down on some major calories. This accompanied by 4-7 minute workout will help you lose some weight as you will be naturally ingesting fewer calories and burning more than usual,” she adds.

Ab preps and obliques

The third routine that makes it to our list is one that has Ab-preps and obliques. If you wonder how to do these, then there you go.

Ab prep: “Lie on a mat, keep your back in a neutral position, following the natural curve of your spine. Do not sink into the mat. Keep your legs hip-distance apart and knees flexed. Place your hands behind your head, gently supporting your neck. Inhale while staying down. Exhale and slowly lift your upper body off the mat as though you are squeezing a pencil under your chest. Inhale to your lower body back on to the mat. Pulses in the ab-prep position, this is where you stay up and only move very little to keep squeezing that pencil,” says Purohit.

Obliques: In this one, the beginning is the same as in the ab-prep. You should inhale to lift your chest off the mat. “Exhale to rotate your upper thorax to one side, keeping your shoulders open and thinking about touching your ribcage to the opposite knee, then inhale to the centre and exhale to the other side,” notes Purohit.

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