These are the things you really need to do before the appraisals

The appraisals are around the corner and most of us are hoping for the much awaited promotion. The performance review meeting is about to begin, so you need to do the preps. BI India lists down a few things that you need to do before you the appraisals get over

Authentic performance discussions

An employee must ensure that he has had authentic performance review discussions before the appraisals processes get over. Basically, he should ensure that he has got an honest feedback from his supervisors and reporting manager about his performance


Give honest feedback

Not only is it important to get an authentic feedback for your work, it is equally important to share your feedback about the work environment constructively. An employee must talk about factors that affect his productivity. Also, one must talk about his achievements as most often than not, reporting managers tend to forget an individual employees’ achievements as they are managing a team.

Market yourself well


During an appraisal discussion, it is important to clearly mention the extra initiatives you have taken up during the year. Talk about your new initiatives and ideas for your company. Really helps!

Sync aspirations

It is important to sync your professional goals with those of the organisation. Talk about what you want to do in the organisation and how you want to see your growth in the company. Do SWOT analysis of yourself, which will also help you understand what your goals are. Thus, you can clearly explain to the management on how you want to grow i


Set realistic expectations

In an appraisal, it is always best to set realistic expectations. Evaluate your work and accordingly set expectations and talk about them. It is important to remember that appraisals is not just given on the basis of on an individual’s performance but also on how the vertical and the company have performed overall.