These eerie space 'sounds' recorded by NASA are creepy enough to make your skin crawl

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It's deathly quiet in the vacuum of space, save only for the faint whisper of gravitational waves.

However, space scientists sometimes take signals from beyond the mortal realm of human senses - including radio waves, plasma waves, and magnetic fields - and convert them into audio tracks.Advertisement

This clever hack is called data sonification, and it helps researchers "hear" what's going on with their far-flung spacecraft around planets, moons, comets, and other locations.

The results are often ear-splitting, but sometimes the audio is downright scary.

Just in time for Halloween, NASA on Thursday released a compilation of 22 outer-space sounds "that is sure to make your skin crawl," the space agency said in a release.

Here are a handful of the spookiest tracks and what they represent.