These Guys Are Trying To Build A Dog Collar That Translates Barks Into English


No More Woof


A new campaign has launched on Indiegogo to raise money for a device called "No More Woof".


The project's goal is to translate dog barks into English so owners can understand how to help their pet.

No More Woof is shaped like a small headset which can be placed on your dog's head. It will have a series of recorders and microcomputers to help analyze the information coming from your canine and produce the response.

Let's be clear. This thing probably doesn't work yet. The product's description is full of a bunch of jargon like "ionic current flows" and "EEG recorders" and the project's creators admit that they don't have a functional prototype yet.

That said, they're still asking for $10,000 on Indiegogo to make the device a reality.


Engadget writes that a $65 model called the NMW Micro would be able to understand three basic thoughts like "I'm tired".

The second model labeled the NMW Standard priced at $300 would have have two sensors to distinguish four more thoughts, while the third option known as the Superior is customizable and can continuously adapt to your dog's thoughts. The final choice costs $1,200.

This idea comes from the same research lab who created the iRock, which was a hybrid rocking chair/iPad charger. On their Indiegogo page, the creators emphasize this is still in the early stages of development. Check out the video below to see what else they have to offer.