These haunting photos show an abandoned Japanese theme park that used to look like Disneyland



Romain Veillon

Once a popular, family-friendly theme park, Nara Dreamland in Nara, Japan, has been empty for a decade.

On a recent visit to Japan, the French photographer Romain Veillon captured the haunting beauty of Nara Dreamland - one of the creepiest abandoned theme parks in the world.


Built in 1961, Nara Dreamland was inspired by California's Disneyworld in the US, but it fell into abandon after closing in 2006 due to dwindling visitor numbers, according to Atlas Obscura.

Since its closure a decade ago, the park's family-friendly attractions have been left to decay, from a stagnant tea-cup ride that's being swallowed by vegetation to an empty pink castle that's crumbling into disarray.

Go on a tour of the park below: