These kids had the perfect reaction when they were shown past and current photos of Caitlyn Jenner


In a video made by SheKnows, seven kids were asked a few questions about Caitlyn Jenner and in the process, taught the adults in charge a few lessons about humanity.


Their empathetic and kind answers to looking at past and current photos of Jenner will amaze you. As UpWorthy's Parker Malloy reports, many of them seemed to "get it" better than a lot of adults.

First, the kids are shown this picture of Jenner competing in the Olympics. 



Asked to describe the subject of the photo, they say that Jenner is "running," with "strong arms" while competing in "track and field."


Then, they're asked to describe this photo of Caitlyn Jenner. 



The kids used the words calm, happy, and confident, as well as describing her as "in charge."

"She knows what she's doing," one child added.

Then, the adults in the room told them that it was the same person in both pictures.




The kids were stunned.

"They are?" one asked.  

"How could a boy turn into a girl? That's impossible," another exclaimed.

But watch how quickly they were able to adjust their beliefs.





"Oh well if that's how she is, then I guess that's fine," one of the boys says.

"Who she wants to be is who she should be," a young girl decides.

When the filmmakers showed the kids some tweets that people had written in support of Caitlyn Jenner, the kids understood immediately. 



"I think they're really being empathetic to her situation. They might not like, like the idea that much, or something, but they're like, you know what, I don't care," one girl chimed in.

"Like what if this was happening to me, what if I was the one who was going through this," said one boy.

Then the kids were shown some nasty tweets about Caitlyn Jenner, like this one.



They were horrified. 

"I think they're just scared of change, and I think they just want everything to stay the same because they don't know how to handle it. "

The nasty adults, they figure, must be "people who are afraid to change themselves."

While parents often try to shield their kids from cultural changes, kids are actually shockingly adept at understanding and accepting emotionally-charged conversations.

If you're hesitating to embrace Caitlyn Jenner's transformation, take a note from these kids who are welcoming her with open arms.


One of the boy's final thoughts was one of the most penetrating: "It's important for you to be yourself, because if you're not yourself then who are you?"

Watch the full video now:


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