These Six Regular People Just Got Invited To Use Google Glass


google glass

Matthew Sumner/Getty Images

Earlier today, Google announced that it had picked the winners of its #ifihadglass campaign this week.


It will be sending out thousands of invites telling these lucky people that they can buy the Google Glass device for $1,500.

Google just sent us a list of some of the winners along with the things they will do with Glass once they own a pair. Here's the full email.

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In February we asked people across Google+ and Twitter to tell us what they would do #ifihadglass, because we’re seeking a diverse group of Explorers to help us shape the future of Glass. Glass isn’t the sort of technology you can develop in a conference room -- we really need people to take it out into the world and see what they’d like to do with it across a wide range of hobbies, lifestyles, and environments.

And now, the suspense is almost over -- the results are in! Over the next few days we’ll be contacting several thousand people over Twitter & Google+ to invite them to join the Explorer program.


It’s been inspiring for the team to see such an enthusiastic response to Glass -- when you’re taking a moonshot this big, the encouragement and feedback along the way really helps a lot. And as we’d hoped, we’ve seen all sorts of ideas we never could have predicted -- here are a few fun ones:

As always, you can keep in touch with Glass on its Google+ page. There are also a lot of Glass communities springing up, like this community for the Glass Explorer Edition or even the more grassroots Society of Glass Enthusiasts (with multiple regional chapters!).