These Top 30 Android apps will make you more productive

These Top 30 Android apps will make you more productive

When you take your mobile phone along everywhere, why not make it your personal assistance and productivity manager, to make the most of your day? Invariably, the best part about your expensive Android mobile phones with superb cameras, web connectivity, HD screens, etc., is how productivity apps can really leverage the core features of the phone and make them bear great results for you.

Whether it is the office suite that helps you view, edit, share, and evaluate documents on the move, note taking apps that supplement the ability of the brain to memorize important events and things, schedulers and alarms that help you stay in sync with your plans for the day, and to-do lists that motivate you to complete all important pending tasks quickly – there are some stunning, super successful, and proven effective Android apps to make yourself more productive. For instance, you can use notice and bulletin board apps to stick all your calendars, event reminders, notes, impromptu ideas, and to do lists on a single slate, apart from facilitating features such as content sharing and notes syncing with email. Then, you have multi-purpose email clients that help you add all accounts into one interface, create meeting notes and action items out of emails, and even schedule replies!


Here we have an interesting infographic, which lists out some of the new-age Android productivity apps that will not only help you do more in less time, but also go a long way in helping you stay fresh and healthy all day long. From quick stretching tips to keep the body warmed up, to nice little push notifications of interesting news stories and articles shortlisted as per your area of interest, these productivity apps are a lot more than just work. Check it out!

(About the infographic: This infographic has been contributed by Top Android Apps.)