This app can get you a doctor's note and a bag of weed in as little as 10 minutes


Weed delivery app Eaze recently raised $10 million in Series A funding from investors like Snoop Dogg on the promise it would become the "Uber for pot."

Eaze's promise to revolutionize the weed industry through convenience was certainly a big one, but on Tuesday Eaze made a major play in that direction by launching EazeMD.

EazeMD is Eaze's experiment with combining on-demand cannabis with on-demand doctors' notes. It's actually pretty simple.


First, you open Eaze's video chat feature on either your mobile phone or your computer and get a consultation with one of Eaze's partner doctors. That doctor then has 20 minutes to decide whether or not to approve you, and if they do, you pay the $25 fee. Then you get a PDF of the doctor's note in your inbox and Eaze can get the weed to your door.

Forbes' Ryan Mac tested out the service, which is only available at the moment in San Francisco, and in new coverage areas Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

"It took me less than five minutes for a physician to assess me through the app and prescribe pot for my ailments," Mac writes. "It took about the same time to have the marijuana delivered to my door through Eaze's main service." That's a total of 10 minutes from thought to joint. And Eaze's doctors are available every day of the week from 8 in the morning to midnight.


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Eaze's CEO Keith McCarty stresses speed as the main component of his business. He told Re/Code that Eaze sees drop-offs in orders when customers have to wait over 28 minutes. And speed will no doubt continue to be a priority, as McCarty says the company has no plans to get its hands dirty in the cultivation business.

"Eaze is a technology service," McCarty told Re/Code. "We don't touch the plant and we don't touch the transaction."


While delivery services like Postmates are a dime a dozen in the new sharing economy, EazeMD's ability to quickly get new users into the fold might be what sets Eaze apart.

You can't download Eaze through Apple's App Store, but you can use the Eaze web app on your phone or computer by clicking here.

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