This beautiful park in Paris was built on top of an old car manufacturing plant


Parc Andre Citroen


Known for its romantic, old world charm, Paris is often defined by its well-known monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.


But the city of lights contains modern elements too, like the Tour Triangle, a pyramid-shaped skyscraper, and Parc André Citroën, an outdoor space built to meld the city's urban and rural elements into one architectural masterpiece.

Parc André Citroën opened for public use in 1992 and was built atop the old André Citroën car manufacturing plant, which functioned from 1915 to 1970.

A large lawn anchors the park, while smaller structures like gardens, greenhouses, and meditative spaces act as the park's border.

Below, we share Parc André Citroën's coolest features, which mix modern design and utility: