This Bihar mother fell in love with her son-in-law and even married him


(Asha Devi with her former son-in-law and present husband, Suraj. Image credit: Twitter)

In a rather unusual case of love being blind, a 42-year-old woman from Bihar ended up marrying her 22-year-old son in law in a panchayat approved ceremony, leaving her daughter and one-year-old grandson in utter shock.

Lalita, the 19-year-old daughter was happily married to her husband, Suraj for over two years before her mother, Asha Devi fell in love him. The romance blossomed when she had visited the young couple to take care of her sick son-in-law.

The two lovers kept in touch via long phone calls after she left their house. Asha Devi’s husband worked in a Delhi factory and was away for most of the time. In his absence, Suraj began visiting her and their love deepened.

Being madly in love, the duo quietly got married in a court ceremony last month. The most surprising part of this entire incident was the fact that the panchayat also approved their union stating that there was hardly any reason to separate them.

Post-marriage, the newly-weds have started staying together.

Asha Devi’s former husband, on the other hand, took his daughter and grandson away with him to Delhi, as he thought there’s no point of leaving his daughter with them.