This chart shows how many Stephen King stories have been adapted for the big screen - and how many more Hollywood has left to go

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  • "It: Chapter Two" comes to movie theaters on Friday.
  • The movie is just the latest entry on the list of movies and TV shows based on the written stories of Stephen King.
  • About a third of King's short stories, novellas, and novels have been adapted for the screen over the years.
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"It: Chapter Two" comes to movie theaters on Friday, continuing the story of the demonic clown Pennywise.

The movie, like its 2017 predecessor, is based on Stephen King's horror novel "It." King is one of the most prolific writers of modern times, and the new movie is just the latest entry in the list of dozens of screen adaptations of his written works.

To commemorate the new movie's release, we decided to take a look at how many of King's short stories and novels have been brought to life in movies or television shows.

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According to our count based on the list of written works on Stephen King's official website, King has published 213 short stories, novellas, and novels since 1974, not including story anthologies, limited or special editions of novels, screenplays, essays, non-fiction, speeches, and interviews.

King's website also lists the various TV, movie, and other video projects he's worked on over the years. By our count, 65 of the 213 short stories, novels, and novellas - a full 30% - have had some form of screen adaptation. 39 of those are full-length feature films, with the others including TV series and shorter film adaptations.

Here's our count of King's written works and their screen and movie adaptations as of September 2019:

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