This favourite dessert is the most photographed dish, according to Canon

Whether it is to show off a new recipe or just showcasing our photography skills, we all have seen food selfies flooding our social media walls. If you are one of them who has a hearty laugh at them, turns out you are in the minority. Taking photos of food is officially a trend now, Canon’s latest photography trends research shows. Consumers are taking more photos than ever.

The study highlights the latest trends. Here are some interesting snippets from the study.


1. Ice cream is the most photographed dish. 55% of consumers take photos of their food, mostly to show off a new recipe.

2. 24% people surveyed take up to 300 photos per month, which is equivalent to as many of 10 photos per day.


3. Photography skills is iproving over the years. 80% of consumers think their photos are excellent, and 62% say their skills have improved in the past two to five years.

4. People take more photos of their pets than themselves. 59% of people say they take photos of their pets, while only 57% take photos of themselves.

(Image credits: sportselfiestick, indiatimes)