This Google programmer drew a very funny cartoon about how hard it is to find a Pixel phone


The good news for Google is that lots of people seem to really love its flagship Pixel phones.

The bad news is that those good reviews have led to higher demand - meaning that the Pixel, and its larger Pixel XL sibling, can be frustratingly hard to find in stock, even at Google's own online store.

And it's not even the first time that a Google gadget has been hard to find. Dating back to 2013 and the Nexus 4 phone, Google has struggled to keep its own flagship hardware on the shelves. Every time, Google says it'll do better. But you still might not be able to find a Pixel.


It's a frustration that that even Google's own employees have apparently felt. Google Chrome OS engineer Manu Cornet - @lmanul on Twitter - drew this funny cartoon, called "Shortages," on the struggle to find a Pixel.

Here it is, shared with his permission:


Cornet, who regularly maintains a comic called "Bonkers World," is best known for this classic cartoon from 2011 on the organizational charts of famous companies, including Google:

org charts comic by manu cornet

Manu Cornet/Wikimedia Commons

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