This Guy Is Launching A Condom Startup And His Grandma Loves It



Cocksman Club

There are already on-demand services for everything from makeup to shaving kits.


Now we have one for condoms, thanks to a new startup called The Cocksman Club. It starts at $5 per month for three condoms goes up to $20 per month for a pack of 24.

Today, it's officially launching its subscription-based condom service with the idea of encouraging safe sex.

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Every month, members receive a discreet envelope of brand-name condoms. To keep things exciting, The Cocksman Club features a sexual position of the month.

"The older the people are, the more they seem to like it," The Cocksman Club founder Ethan Basch tells Business Insider. In fact, he says his 86-year-old grandmother loves the idea.


Condoms are just the first product, Basch says. Down the road, The Cocksman Club sees itself as becoming a brand comparable to Playboy with Cocksman-branded products like flasks and drink-ware.

The Cocksman Club has raised tens of thousands of dollars to date from family and friends. It's currently seeking investments from traditional VCs.