This guy lost 23 kilos in 9 months. His diet included cheese omelette and paneer sabzi cooked in desi ghee!

His story is like many others. Weighing 92 kilos and ridiculed by friends for being overweight is not a story to be frowned at. This happens almost every day. But it depends on you, whether you the stones thrown at you to build a wall or a bridge.

Meet Rachit Dua, a PR professional as well as a certified sports nutritionist and an online fitness consultant. Being in media, his sedentary lifestyle could have made him lazy and fat. And that’s exactly what happened. With a height of 5 feet 6 inches, quite standard for most Indians, Rachit felt he is overweight. Feeling obese is completely a state of mind. Someone may be okay weighing 100 kilos and giving a ‘devil may care’ attitude to fitness. However Rachit isn’t someone who would sit and let cardiac diseases invade him.

“After 9 months of intense training and clean nutrition, today I am standing at 69 kilos bodyweight with just 11% body fat,” Rachit told Business Insider.

We analysed his diet and daily workout schedules. See the slideshow below how it looks like.

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Workout Schedule

Workout Schedule
For Monday and Tuesday
Workout Schedule
For Wednesday and Thursday
Workout Schedule
For Friday and Saturday.
Sunday - Rest.
Cardio- 1 hr morning walk thrice a week
Note desi ghee, cheese and paneer sabzi
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