This is how much Amit Shah's assets grew in 5 years. Find out

The wealth of BJP national president and now Rajya Sabha member Amit Shah grew by 300% in last five years.

In his affidavit, Shah’s movable assets increased from Rs 1.90 crore in 2012 to Rs 19 crore in 2017.

Shah also stated he has ancestral movable property worth Rs 10.38 crore.


Shah's movable and immovable (including his wife) assets increased by about 300% from 2012. His assets (movable and immovable), which were worth Rs 8.54 crore in 2012 are now worth Rs 34.31 crore.

Meanwhile, Smriti Irani, in her affidavit, declared movable and immovable assets, including her husband's, in 2014 were worth Rs 4.91 crore and their values have increased to Rs 8.88 crore, an 80% increase from 2014 to 2017.

Smriti, in her 2014 affidavit for the Lok Sabha election, had claimed that she had a "BCom Part I from School of Correspondence, University of Delhi in 1994.”

Following a series of legal cases, in her affidavit for the 2017 Rajya Sabha, she affirmed that her three year degree course has not been completed.