This Is The Wild, Weird Underground New York You Haven't Seen [PHOTOS]


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Tod Seelie

Photographer Tod Seelie is a chronicler of the weird, extreme, and outsized parts of New York life, the parts you don't see in Midtown or Times Square.

He has sailed down the Hudson River on rafts made of junk, partied on top of the Williamsburg Bridge, and attended dinner parties in train tunnels. It's all part of the scene that he has been running in and out of for the past fifteen years.

Comprised of a collection of artists, writers, musicians and D.I.Y.-aficionados, they live by the creed that if you want to make something happen, don't wait. Make it happen yourself.


"Most of the things I'm drawn to are done by D.I.Y. people who make what they want to happen, happen," Seelie told The New York Times. "You want to put on a play? Great. Find an abandoned power plant."

Seelie's work was just released last week in a book, "Bright Nights."