This multilingual Megaphone by Panasonic translates as you speak

This multilingual Megaphone by Panasonic translates as you
speak As Japanese tourism develops, organizations battle to connect the language divide between global visitors and local people. Panasonic, notwithstanding, may have an answer: a multilingual loudspeaker.

A megaphone that makes an interpretation of the user's voices into multiple languages. The Megahonyaku, which is a sensibly decent quip on the Japanese words for "megaphone" and "translation," listens for Japanese info and plays back expressions in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Tokyo Narita International Airport, one of the busiest airplane terminals in Japan, will test the new product out. If more languages are included, this could be an aid for air terminal staff around the world, who can convey multilingual updates like: "Sad, every overhead bins are full," "Please keep your passport ready," or "Your flight has been delayed for six hours."


Making your voice heard in a congested, noisy terminal isn't generally a simple assignment - even with a portable PA system. Be that as it may, the Megahonyaku's speech recognition system is unaffected by background noise.

The megaphone will launch nearby Dec. 20th, on special price for under $183 (Rs 13,000) per month on a three-year contract, which incorporates future updates and maintenance.