This Online Dating Site Thinks It Can Match You Based On Your DNA




Jana Bayad (left) and Elle France founded SingldOut in 2014.

A new site called SingldOut is taking a unique approach to matchmaking: They're going all the way to your DNA to find you your perfect match.


Jana Bayad and Elle France were tired of all the online dating solutions out there. It was time consuming and energy draining, and at the end of the day, they just weren't finding success.

"I have used probably every website out there [for online dating], and I've met really nice people but with no chemistry whatsover, and my goal was not to just meet nice people," Bayad told Business Insider.

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So the two women started brainstorming and happened upon a company Instant Chemistry, which claims to measure two individuals' compatibility based on their DNA. Bayad and France went over the research behind Instant Chemistry and decided that it was a foolproof way to give the online dating industry a facelift.

The companies announced an official partnership in July so SingldOut could use the at-home DNA test for its dating solution.


"This science of why two people are attracted to each other is based on 20 years research on the immune system and pheromones and what attracts two people together," Bayad said. "We're taking that data to bring it to online dating. We're adding the biological factor because we know that we can determine whether two people wil be attracted to each other or not."

The way it works is that SingldOut users receive a DNA kit, spit in a tube, send it back to the company, and they finally receive a personality assessment. They can then view other SingldOut users' personality assessments to find their perfect match.

According to Bayad, the personality assessment is formed from two sets of genes: immune system genes, as well as the serotonin transporter gene that tells you how you'd react in different situations (whether you're emotional, calm, cool, etc.).

By looking at these specific genes, SingldOut claims to be able to predict whether or not you will have chemistry with someone else.

SingldOut's homepage


SingldOut's homepage.


SingldOut only launched July 7, so they can't say how well their system is working, but they've sent out more than 200 DNA kits and processed 80 so far.

This kind of experimental dating service isn't cheap, however. For a limited time, a year-long membership at SingldOut (including the DNA kit) will cost $129, but after the promotion, six months will cost $249 and three months will cost $199. Instant Chemistry currently sells its standalone kit for $199.

"We're just on the tip of the iceberg for what DNA can do for relationships," France told Business Insider. "It's come a long way; it's not just for the Jerry Springer show to find out who your parent is."