This retro-inspired iPhone case will let you shoot video like a pro


lumenati and super 8


Kodak's 1965 Super 8 film camera "unleashed an amateur auteur in every household," says the Denver-based film collective Lumenati.

The group, which just came out the Lumenati CS1 - the world's first "cinematic smartcase," hopes their invention will do the same for anyone with an iPhone 6.

"We believe that instead of fighting accessibility, let's just improve the widely available camera that most people already own," Lumenati co-founder Scott McDonald told Business Insider. "The result is more accessible to the masses but certainly makes for better film-making."


"The CS1 gives everyone the opportunity to make better films and tell better stories," McDonald said.

The group launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the CS1 a reality, and have already raised $170,000 - more than double of their original goal of $75,000 - with two weeks to go. Keep scrolling to see how the device works.