This vine will convince white-and-gold-truthers that 'the dress' is definitively black and blue


If you've been following the great dress debate, you may have noticed a lot of othering going on.


Some people see the colors as black and blue, while others are absolutely convinced the dress is white and gold.

Here's the dress:

White Gold Blue Black Dress


What color is this dress?

As a member of #teamblueandblack from the first moment I saw the dress, I've got some news for everyone: it's definitively black and blue.


Not only did the two women who took the original photo tell us, a vine has surfaced that proves an article of clothing can look different colors in various types of light.

You might want to sit down for this:

While we haven't confirmed the validity of the video, the skirt appears to drastically change colors as it moves away from the camera. Up close, it looks white and gold but a little farther away ... blue and black.

Essentially, the lighting of the original image tricks some people's photo-receptors into see white and gold.


I rest my case.

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