TikTok's new safety feature will allow you to logout of a lost phone

TikTok's new safety feature will allow you to logout of a lost phone
TikTok launches another new safety feature for users that will allow them to log out of the device remotely in case it gets lost or is stolenBusiness Insider India

  • TikTok just announced a new safety feature for users on its platform.
  • The 'Device Management' feature will allows user to log out of their devices remotely.
  • This means if your phone gets lost or stolen, you can still protect you account by logging using another system.

After the recent run of bad news for TikTok, the Bytedance-owned video messaging platform has launched another safety feature called ‘Device Management’ to give users more control over their accounts.

Like on Gmail, the new feature will allow users to remotely sign out of other devices and end their sessions remotely. According to the company, the feature would help avoid the misuse of user accounts.

"TikTok constantly promotes a safe and positive app experience for its over 200 million users in India by offering them in-app tools and educational content to equip them with all the information they need to have the best possible experience while showcasing their creativity," the company said in a statement.

Another one added to the list

This the fourteenth addition to TikTok’s list of safety features. After the company’s troubled interaction with India’s judicial system it launched 13 other features that were aimed at keeping its users safe — like age gate, restricted mode, screen-time management, and comments filter.

TikTok has also been trying to raise awareness among its users on how to safely use the app through educational videos in English as well as Hindi. The videos also outline how to use the app’s many safety features.

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