Tim Cook made fun of his own lousy Super Bowl photo


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Asa Mathat D: All Things Digital

Apple CEO Tim Cook

As Apple shareholders waited for the annual meeting at the company's campus to begin on Friday morning, gigantic screens showcased gorgeous photos, allegedly taken with the iPhone 6s.

"Maybe one day I can take one that good," Apple CEO Tim Cook quipped on stage, to great laughter. 

Cook was referring to the most recent Super Bowl Sunday, when the CEO infamously tweeted a super-blurry shot from the big game - resulting in a lot of laughs from the armchair comedians of the internet.

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The original photo:


Now, it's no secret that Apple takes the iPhone's camera technology incredibly seriously, so people were quick to give Cook heat about the out-of-focus photo, with plenty of joking references to Apple's famous "Shot on iPhone" marketing campaign.

The most relevant joke:

 Cook silently took down the terrible picture, and put up this much better one, which remains on Twitter:


 Still, it's good to know that he has a sense of humor about the episode.

"We can laugh at ourselves," Cook told the assembled Apple shareholders.

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