Times Square's infamous spring break themed restaurant has mysteriously closed - take a look back on its glory days


Senor Frogs New York

Sarah Jacobs

A joyful waitress at the now shuttered Señor Frog's.

This week we mourn the loss of one of New York City's happiest restaurants: Señor Frog's.


The New York location has unexpectedly closed, without a word as to why. Just one year after opening, the Manhattan-based location has abruptly shut its doors forever.

Even the notoriously tough New York Times restaurant critic, Pete Wells, had a soft spot for the restaurant's sugary margaritas served in neon plastic cups, and food plated onto skateboards. "I had more fun at Señor Frog's than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years," Wells wrote.

I went to Señor Frog's New York during its heyday, while the weather in New York was frigid and all I wanted was a spring break style party. Luckily for those Señor Frog's fans that just can't let go, there are still open locations in Miami, Aruba, Puerto Rico, and more.

Ahead, a look back at an average night at Señor Frog's New York.