Found love in your workplace? You sure need these tips to remember

Love happens when you least expect it! And with everyone busy running the rat race; cupid has found a new address—our workplace!

Fingers intertwining near the water cooler, the slight brush against the skin while taking the printouts, stealing glances in between work or finding an excuse to strike up a conversation with your crush; romance in your workplace gives you an adrenaline rush. Mundane weekdays become exciting and office blues simply vanish in thin air! But as candy it may sound, office romance is no way a bed of roses.

So what do you do when you find yourself in such a situation? And how do you handle it? Do you want your colleagues to know or do you want to keep it a secret? These are some things that you must figure out with your partner before you start dating. But hold on! There are some other things you must keep in mind if you are in a relationship with your co-worker.

Check these out!

Be professional

Congratulations! You are no longer single! But that doesn’t change the fact that you and your significant other are still colleagues. Be professional even when they are around. Finish your work before you leave office. Your personal interests should not affect your productivity at the end of the day.


No PDAs please!

Remember you are in love and the rest of the office. So limit your love for each other to your private spaces. Do not display your affection for your partner publicly in office. It can go against the company’s code of conduct!

Stay unbiased


If you and your significant other are in the same team and either of you is senior to the other, then this one’s for you. Remember your relationship with your colleague will also give fodder for gossips, build your image and reputation amongst peers and seniors. So its best to share honest feedback about each other’s work.

For instance, if you are dating your reporting manager, other team members may start alienating you from their social groups and will probably keep you at bay. On the other hand, if your reporting manager is biased towards you, it will create unnecessary friction in the team, which will get escalated to higher authorities ultimately.

Lovers' tiff at bay


This is difficult but extremely important for anyone who is dating in office. Ensure that your problems with your partner do not hamper work. If you get into a fight, it is best not to make a scene in public.

Falling in love is one happy news but be smart! Ensure you don’t make it awkward for yourself and weigh the pros and cons before you get into a relationship at your workplace.

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