These tips help you become a smart shopper

These tips help you become a
smart shopper
As we grow old, we are expected to be responsible and large part of it lies in managing our finances. But being surrounded by plethora of options (read Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart et al), it becomes quite difficult to resist the temptation to pamper ourselves. But don’t be disappointed. There’s a smart way to do it. We list down a few tips that will let you indulge yourself without really burning a hole in your pockets.

Get a budget

Budget helps you plan your expenses and allows you to put in a little thinking before shelling out all your money on those goodies out there. So before you help out our staggering retailers to rake in the moolah, ensure your generosity does not burn a hole in your pocket!

Save a portion

Once you have prepared your budget and fixed an amount for shopping, take the money out of your account and keep it someplace safe. The banks offer various saving options which can be used to make some saving before you decide to splurge in that store which has your favourite bag on the display.

Throw away your credit cards

Credit cards are a big no-no for shopaholics. While you may not be parting with your hard-earned money immediately, it certainly does hurt to see the long bills that come knocking on the doors at the end of the month. Instead, use the debit cards that are there in the wallet. Not only does it pay for your shopping, it also keeps a check on how much you have already spent by declining to pay anymore.

Shop at the right places

Wise men have always said that cut your coat according to your pocket! It basically means that you should remember how much you earn before you go shopping. Does your income allow you to shop at premium stores? Does street shopping suit your pocket than going to a mall? Ensure that you have a balance between branded and fashion junkies.

Be the sales champion

Every retailer has come out with attractive discounts this Holi so make full use of it. Go through every store to see which one offers the best discounts. It is best to get over with a major chunk of shopping essentials while the sale is on than pay double later.