Know if your counter offer is a trick or treat for you

Quitting a job is quite a difficult task especially when you get a counter job offer from your current organisation. In such a case, an employee usually gets confused and tends to take a wrong decision. If you have ever been through this situation, you know what we are talking about. But don’t worry. BI India lists down a few tips that we think, is extremely important to keep in mind, before you take a decision.

New role


Once you are made a counter offer by the HR of your current organisation, try to understand what is being offered. Is it a role enhancement that is on offer? If it’s a role enhancement, see what new you will get to do and are you comfortable doing it? If you don’t want to do what you have been offered, no point reconsidering your decision.

Salary hike

Most often counter offers come with a hike in salary. Understand how much is being offered. Do you calculations and see if your net salary has increased or your gross salary. If your net has increased substantially, you know what’s best for you.


Issue resolved

Sometimes an employee can also resign because of issues within the organisation. If that’s the case with you, a counter offer is highly unlikely. However, in case you get one, remember one thing—has the issue been addressed by the concerned people. If you feel the issued has been addressed and has reached an amicable solution, consider staying back. Else, it is best to move on.



Well, if you have got a new job offer and a counter offer, it is best to compare. See and understand which one is offering you a better deal and then choose wisely. “If the new job is offering you what you have been more or less doing in your current organisation, then it is to better to stay back and continue with your current employer,” said V Suresh, chief sales officer at