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2 mins read

Reliance Brands forges partnership with ‘urban cool’ fashion brand Superdry

Reliance Brands’ UK subsidiary signed a definitive agreement to enter into a joint venture with UK-…

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3 mins read

The cofounder of fashion brand Superdry is donating £1 million to fund a second Brexit referendum

The deadline for Britain leaving the EU is March 2019 and it is looking increasingly likely that Br…

Oscar Williams-Grut   

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5 mins read

'90% of the larger fish in the ocean are gone': Why James Blunt is campaigning for sustainable fishing

James Blunt: My father was based in Cyprus, he was in the army and so I grew up on and in the Medit…

James Blunt   

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6 mins read

How a small group of former Labour and Conservative MPs dramatically changed British politics

The other roles were assigned using a novel system of sticky post-it notes, with each MP pinning on…

Adam Payne,Adam Payne,Adam Bienkov