Disaster! Email IDs of a million people that wrote to TRAI regarding net neutrality made public

Email IDs of a million people that wrote to TRAI regarding net neutrality made publicOnly when loud voices are made on major issues like Net neutrality and zero rating, the government and telecom ministry takes measures to curtail major repercussions for their action. But right now it feels as if TRAI, the telecom regulating body has skipped on its morals and decided to take the open-route very seriously for no reason whatsoever.

Right, so here’s what we’re talking about and this latest sham from the body might give you the goosebumps. So, if you’re one of those non-vocal participants in the Net neutrality debate that has ravaged all media forums and decided to take the less public mode of sharing your opinion on the matter then we’ve got some news for you.

Pretty soon you’re inbox is going to be bombarded with hordes of marketing, insurance and spam mail that is going to worsen situation with tackling day-to-day nuisance of tele-marketing calls and unwanted mails. And without shrouding the matter in any more mystery, all we are saying is, TRAI has conveniently rolled out the details of people who approached them via email pertaining to the net neutrality matter.


It is hard to understand the logic behind publicly sharing details of all the users which is only going to threaten their lives with even more marketing prejudice. We’re not sure whether TRAI is going to open up to its blunder and decide to take down the document (available in PDF form) but the damage has already been done.

These people were trying to make noise regarding “Save The Internet” and now it seems one really need a big measure to save us from this menace. We’ll keep you updated on this and hope TRAI (are you listening?) makes the right call at the earliest.