Travel on a Shoestring Budget: Italy at Rs 20,000

While the food in Italy is reason enough to visit, the country is filled with famous works of art, exceptionally beautiful cities, and gorgeous lakes and mountains.

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And if Italy is in your bucket list, it’s better to tick it off by this year. Hearing about Italy, you must be thinking about the kind of money you would need to spend. Take it easy, mate! It’s not as expensive as you think.

Business Insider in its Travel in Shoestring Budget series makes sure you don’t spend much on travelling the international destinations that are deemed luxury most of the time.

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​ Getting to Italy from India

​ Getting to Italy from India
While there are numerous airlines that operate, our survey shows, China Airlines is the cheapest option of all. Contrary to many beliefs, shortest route isn’t always the cheapest option. Try flying on Wednesday or Thursday and pick a busy airport. Also you can save a few thousands if you choose to fly to Paris or Frankfurt and then take a budget airline to Milan or Rome.

​ Getting around

​ Getting around
When you think of Europe, travelling seems a bit overpriced. But not for Italy, which is blessed with a fantastic railway network. If you need to reach early, you can choose the high speed train network, which is a bit expensive. But if you have ample of time, take the regular train service and enjoy the panoramic view of the countryside during journey. The high speed network costs around 40-70 Euros (Rs 2900-5000).
To travel in Rome, take the Metro or bus. For Florence and Venice, best way is to walk or rent a bicycle. Also if you are a group of 4-5, then opt for rent a car that you can drive.


There are numerous good hostels in Italy for limited stays. The tariffs vary from 25 Euro (Rs 1800) a night in shared rooms to 90 Euros (Rs 6000) in single rooms.
While Rome, Milan and Venice have a higher tariff, hotels in suburbs are quite cheap. Also the train network makes sure you reach the big cities in 20-30 minutes.

Eating out

 Eating out
When you are in Italy, you will obviously flag off your gastronomic sojourn and enjoy the delicious food. Firstly the water for drinking in Italy is absolutely fine and ask for tap water at a restaurant. Otherwise the charge of bottled water is quite high. And many restaurants charge for the bread basket they serve. So politely ask them not to serve breadsticks.
A good meal with authentic Italian cuisine and a glass of wine would cost you around Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. When you are travelling on a shoestring budget, which may be a delicacy for a single night. But that’s not a feasible option every day.
Also many restaurants charge a fee of Rs 200 (3 Euros) if you just sit and look at the menu. So it’s better to check out the menu before sitting down.
Try to eat the set menu during lunch and fill yourself as much as possible. This way you can save your money on dinner and survive of snacks in the evening.

And of course, in the land of pizza, there is an option of quick meals or pizza by slice. These are full of cheese and meat and cost 3-5 Euro or Rs 200- Rs 350.

​ What to do

​ What to do

Well, the not to do could have been briefer. But when in Italy, you need to try everything out. Take as many walking tours as you want. Don’t go with clubs. Rather make your own walking tours through Google. You may join some walking trips that are free, and just tip the guide afterwards.
Try to plan your trip during Christmas or Venice Carnival in February.

Visit the museums that you are really interested in. There are a few days of the week with a limited timing, when the museums are free.
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