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10 unexplored monsoon destinations in India

10 unexplored monsoon destinations in India
Planning a monsoon getaway? India is blessed with incredible natural beauty that truly comes alive during the rainy season. While popular destinations are often crowded, why not embark on a unique adventure to unexplored monsoon destinations? In this article, we bring you 10 hidden gems that offer breathtaking landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and a serene escape from the usual tourist trail. So, gear up and get ready to explore these offbeat monsoon destinations in India.

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Discover the charm of the wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji. Immerse yourself in the lush green landscapes, mist-covered hills, and witness the sheer power of waterfalls like Nohkalikai Falls and Seven Sisters Falls. Don't forget to explore the unique living root bridges and experience the vibrant local culture.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Escape to the tranquil town of Ziro, nestled amidst the picturesque mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. With its lush rice fields and traditional Apatani tribal culture, Ziro offers a serene ambiance. Plan your visit in July-August to coincide with the famous Ziro Music Festival, where you can groove to the beats of indie music amidst nature's bounty.

Agumbe, Karnataka

Dive into the rainforests of Agumbe, known as the "Cherrapunji of South India." This hidden gem offers awe-inspiring views, thrilling trekking opportunities, and the chance to spot exotic wildlife. Explore the iconic Barkana Falls, hike through the lush forest trails, and experience the untouched beauty of the Western Ghats.

Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra

Indulge in the misty charm of Malshej Ghat, nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. This unexplored destination is a paradise for nature lovers with its cascading waterfalls, verdant valleys, and panoramic views. Marvel at the Flamingo Sanctuary, go for a trek to Harishchandragad Fort, and relish the monsoon magic of this hidden gem.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Embark on a trekking adventure to the enchanting Dzukou Valley in Nagaland. Famous for its seasonal flowers and rolling hills, this unexplored destination offers a surreal experience during the monsoon. Capture stunning vistas, breathe in the fresh air, and witness the captivating beauty of this hidden gem.

Chembra Peak, Kerala

Trek to the mesmerizing Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala. This offbeat destination boasts lush tea plantations, serene lakes, and panoramic views of the Western Ghats. With its misty trails and cool climate, it's an ideal monsoon retreat for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Escape the tourist crowds and venture into the lesser-known Tirthan Valley. Nestled in the Himalayas, this serene destination offers pristine rivers, dense forests, and breathtaking waterfalls. Indulge in trout fishing, go for nature walks, or simply soak in the tranquility of this unexplored gem.

Pelling, Sikkim

Discover the untouched beauty of Pelling, a small town nestled in the Himalayas of Sikkim. With its cascading waterfalls, terraced fields, and panoramic mountain views, Pelling is a perfect monsoon getaway. Explore the serene Pemayangtse Monastery, marvel at the Kanchenjunga Falls, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage ofthe region.

Dandeli, Karnataka

Experience the thrill of monsoon in the untamed wilderness of Dandeli. This offbeat destination is renowned for its dense forests, gushing rivers, and diverse wildlife. Engage in adrenaline-pumping activities like white-water rafting, jungle safaris, and trekking, while soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Kolad, Maharashtra

Unleash your adventurous spirit in the scenic town of Kolad, Maharashtra. Known for its river rafting opportunities on the Kundalika River, Kolad offers a thrilling monsoon adventure. Indulge in other exciting activities like waterfall rappelling, kayaking, and camping, amidst the lush greenery and mist-covered landscapes.

This July-August, break free from the usual tourist hotspots and explore the hidden treasures of unexplored monsoon destinations in India. From the enchanting Cherrapunji to the serene Dandeli, each destination offers a unique experience amidst rain-soaked landscapes, waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas. Plan your offbeat monsoon getaway and create unforgettable memories in these hidden gems that showcase nature's splendor in its purest form. So, pack your bags, embrace the rain, and embark on an extraordinary adventure to discover the uncharted beauty of India during the monsoon.


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