List of famous things to buy in Shimla

May 29, 2023

By: BI India Bureau

Handmade woolen Shawls

Shimla is renowned for its high-quality woolen products. Purchase beautiful handwoven shawls crafted by local artisans, perfect for keeping you warm in style.

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Himachali Topi

Don't miss the opportunity to buy the iconic Himachali caps, known as "pahari topis." These unique caps feature intricate designs and are a symbol of Himachali culture.

Credit: Times-of-India

Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Explore the local markets and find a wide array of handicrafts, including wooden carvings, embroidered textiles, and decorative items. These make excellent souvenirs to cherish or gift.

Credit: Times-of-India

Himalayan Spices

Bring home the flavors of the Himalayas by purchasing aromatic spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and locally sourced herbal teas.

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Fruit Preserves and Jams

Shimla's abundant orchards yield delicious fruits. Taste and purchase a variety of fruit preserves, jams, and fruit-based products that capture the essence of the region.

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Local Honey

Shimla is known for its natural honey production. Purchase pure, organic honey sourced from the surrounding forests, renowned for its distinct flavor and health benefits.

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Tibetan Handicrafts

Shimla has a significant Tibetan influence, and you'll find Tibetan handicrafts like prayer flags, Buddhist artifacts, thangka paintings, and intricately designed jewelry.

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Traditional Himachali pickles

Sample and buy jars of tangy and flavorful pickles made from local produce. These pickles make for a delightful addition to your meals back home.

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Homemade Soaps and Cosmetics

Pamper yourself with handmade soaps infused with natural ingredients like honey, lavender, and essential oils. You can also find organic skincare products inspired by traditional recipes.

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Local Fudge and Chocolates

Indulge your sweet tooth with the famous Shimla fudge, a delectable treat available in various flavors. Also, explore the assortment of handmade chocolates that make for delightful gifts.

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