List of famous things to buy in Ladakh

Jun 12, 2023

By: BI India Bureau

Pashmina shawls

Ladakh is renowned for its exquisite Pashmina shawls. Made from the fine wool of Himalayan goats, these shawls are incredibly soft, warm, and luxurious. Wrap yourself in the elegance of Ladakhi craftsmanship by purchasing a Pashmina shawl as a timeless keepsake.

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Tibetan handicrafts

Explore the vibrant markets of Ladakh and discover an array of Tibetan handicrafts. From intricately designed metalware and thangka paintings to prayer wheels and traditional masks, these unique artifacts are a testament to the region's rich cultural heritage.

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Tibetan jewelry

Adorn yourself with the intricate beauty of Ladakhi jewelry. From silver and turquoise necklaces to coral-studded bracelets and earrings, these pieces reflect the traditional aesthetics of Ladakh and make for stunning accessories that embody the region's charm.

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Thangka Paintings

Bring home a piece of Ladakh's artistic heritage with a traditional Thangka painting. These intricately detailed Buddhist artworks depict deities, mandalas, and religious narratives. Each painting is a masterpiece that captures the spiritual essence of Ladakh.

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Apricot jam and Dry fruits

Ladakh is famous for its delicious apricot-based products. Indulge your taste buds with locally made apricot jams, dried apricots, and other delectable dry fruits. These flavorsome treats make for excellent gifts or delightful reminders of your Ladakh experience.

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Woolen handicrafts

Stay warm and stylish with Ladakh's woolen handicrafts. From cozy woolen socks and gloves to intricately knitted sweaters and caps, these handcrafted woolen items are perfect for braving the cold weather while adding a touch of Ladakhi flair to your wardrobe.

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Buddhist Prayer flags

Capture the essence of Ladakh's spiritual ambiance by bringing home vibrant Buddhist prayer flags. These colorful flags, imprinted with sacred mantras and prayers, are believed to bring peace, harmony, and good fortune. Hang them in your home or garden as a symbol of positive energy.

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Organic tea

Ladakh's high-altitude climate is conducive to the cultivation of flavorful organic tea. Explore the local tea markets and sample a variety of teas, including herbal infusions, green tea, and traditional Ladakhi butter tea. Take home a pack of your favorite blend to savor the unique flavors long after your trip.

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​Yak Wool Products

Experience the warmth and durability of yak wool products. From cozy blankets and shawls to socks and scarves, yak wool offers excellent insulation and is favored by the locals. Embrace the rugged charm of Ladakh by adding yak wool items to your collection.

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