10 Best honeymoon places near Delhi

Nov 28, 2023

By: Ayush Mehrotra and Shagun Chaudhary


Behold the epitome of love at the Taj Mahal! This ivory marvel sets the stage for an unforgettable start to your journey, where the air whispers tales of undying romance and eternal beauty.

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Enter the Pink City, where palaces and forts echo tales of grandeur and love. From the Amber Fort's regal charm to the vibrant bazaars, every corner exudes an aura of royal romance.

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Seek serenity by the Ganges as you cuddle up against the backdrop of misty mountains. Indulge in adventure together with river rafting or unwind in the tranquil vibes of yoga retreats.

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Sail away on Lake Pichola, enveloped in the opulence of Udaipur's palaces. The shimmering waters and majestic architecture create a fairy tale setting fit for two hearts intertwined.

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Jim Corbett

For the adventurous lovebirds, immerse yourselves in the wilderness of Jim Corbett. Safari escapades, starlit dinners, and cozy lodges set the stage for an untamed yet intimate experience.

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Experience love amidst ancient forts turned into charming heritage hotels. Dive into the past, holding hands as you wander through history's embrace.

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Let love bloom amidst snow-kissed landscapes in Shimla. Snuggle under blankets, take leisurely strolls, and sip hot cocoa by crackling fires – it’s a winter wonderland for lovebirds.

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Explore the spiritual side of romance in Pushkar. Amidst holy ghats and temples, find moments of tranquility and connection in this serene oasis.

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Walk hand in hand along misty trails in the Queen of Hills. The lush greenery, panoramic views, and cozy cafes create a picturesque setting for sweet nothings.

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Mathura and Vrindavan

Celebrate love amidst the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Dive into the festivities, dance to soulful tunes, and bask in the divine aura of these sacred towns.

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