10 Must do activities in Kodaikanal on your next trip

Mar 18, 2024

By: BI India Bureau

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Boating on Kodaikanal Lake

Rent a boat and enjoy a peaceful ride on the pristine waters of Kodaikanal Lake, surrounded by lush greenery and serene landscapes.

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Explore the numerous trekking trails in and around Kodaikanal, such as the trek to Dolphin's Nose, Pillar Rocks, or the Perumal Peak. These trails offer breathtaking views and opportunities to connect with nature.

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Explore Bryant Park

Spend some time exploring Bryant Park, a beautifully landscaped botanical garden featuring a wide variety of flowers, plants, and trees. It's an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation.

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Visit Coaker's Walk

Take a leisurely stroll along Coaker's Walk, a scenic pathway offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and hills. It's especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset.

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Explore the local markets of Kodaikanal and shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, homemade chocolates, spices, and woolen clothing. The Coaker's Walk area and Anna Salai are popular shopping destinations.

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Visit Pillar Rocks

Marvel at the impressive Pillar Rocks, a set of three giant rock pillars standing tall amidst the lush greenery. Enjoy the scenic views from the viewing platform and capture some memorable photographs.

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Religious Exploration

Visit the Kurinji Andavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, and seek blessings. The temple is known for its Kurinji flowers, which bloom once every 12 years.

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Waterfall Hopping

Explore the scenic waterfalls in and around Kodaikanal, such as Silver Cascade Falls, Bear Shola Falls, and Fairy Falls. Enjoy the refreshing cascades and the surrounding natural beauty.

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Visit Shembaganur Museum of Natural History

Explore the fascinating exhibits at the Shembaganur Museum of Natural History, showcasing the rich biodiversity of the region, including flora, fauna, fossils, and minerals.

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Enjoy Local Cuisine

Indulge in the delicious local cuisine of Kodaikanal, including South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, vadas, and traditional Tamil Nadu meals. Don't forget to try the famous Kodaikanal homemade chocolates.

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