8 Lesser-known places to visit near Nainital

Apr 19, 2024

By: Ayush Mehrotra


While Nainital is well-known, nearby Sattal is often less crowded. It's a cluster of seven interconnected freshwater lakes set amidst dense oak and pine forests. The serene surroundings make it perfect for nature walks, birdwatching, and boating.

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Just a short drive from Nainital, Khurpatal is a picturesque lake tucked away in the hills. It offers tranquillity and stunning views without crowds. You can enjoy boating, fishing, or simply relax by the lakeside.

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Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Situated about 12 kilometres from Nainital, Kilbury is a lesser-explored bird sanctuary. It's home to a variety of Himalayan bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. You can spot birds like magpies, woodpeckers, and Himalayan bulbuls amidst the lush greenery.

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Another hidden gem for birdwatchers, Pangot is a small village located around 15 kilometres from Nainital. It's known for its rich avian diversity, including migratory birds during the winter months. The tranquil atmosphere and panoramic views make it a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Nainital.

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Ghorakhal Temple

Away from the tourist crowds, Ghorakhal Temple is a peaceful spot with historical significance. Dedicated to Lord Golu, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, this temple offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is a great place for some quiet reflection.

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While not as famous as Nainital, Naukuchiatal offers a tranquil alternative. The "lake of nine corners" is surrounded by lush greenery and offers opportunities for boating and nature walks. It's an ideal spot for those seeking solitude amidst nature.

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Mukteshwar is a serene hill station known for its panoramic views of the Himalayas. It offers opportunities for trekking, camping, and exploring orchards. Mukteshwar Temple and Chauli Ki Jali are notable attractions here

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Bhimtal is a quieter alternative to Nainital, known for its serene lake surrounded by hills. You can enjoy boating, kayaking, and birdwatching here. Bhimtal Island Aquarium and Bhimeshwar Temple are worth visiting.

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