9 best street foods in Mumbai you must try

Oct 1, 2023

By: Shagun Chaudhary and Ayush Mehrotra

vada pav

Often referred to as the "poor man's burger," vada pav consists of a spiced potato dumpling (vada) sandwiched between a pav (soft bread) and served with chutneys.

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A steamed, spongy cake made from fermented rice and chickpea flour, Dhokla is a popular and light snack. It is typically garnished with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coriander.

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Bhel Puri

A delightful mixture of puffed rice, sev (crispy noodles), chopped vegetables, and tangy tamarind chutney. Bhel puri is a savory and crunchy snack enjoyed by many.

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Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a beloved Indian street food featuring a spiced vegetable curry (bhaji) served with buttered pav. Bursting with flavors, it's a popular, satisfying snack enjoyed not only in Mumbai but nationwide.

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Batata Vada

Batata Vada, a popular Mumbai street food, features a spiced potato filling coated in gram flour batter, deep-fried until golden. Served in a pav with chutneys, it's a flavorful and satisfying snack.

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A snack that originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat but has become immensely popular in Mumbai. Dabeli consists of a spicy potato mixture placed inside a pav and garnished with chutneys, pomegranate seeds, and roasted peanuts.

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Pani Puri/Golgappa

Hollow puris filled with a mixture of tamarind water, mint, spices, and a combination of mashed potatoes, chickpeas, or sprouts. Pani puri is a popular and refreshing street snack.

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Ragda Pattice

A dish comprising potato patties served with a spicy white pea curry (ragda), topped with various chutneys, onions, and coriander.

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Sev Puri

Similar to bhel puri, sev puri consists of small, round puris topped with diced potatoes, onions, chutneys, and sev (crispy noodles). It's a flavorful and chatpata (tangy) street food.

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