Trevor Noah blasts the RNC for fear-mongering: They're 'acting like America is Westeros and winter is coming'


trevor noah on the rnc daily show comedy central

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"/Comedy Central

Trevor Noah thinks the Republican National Convention speakers are peddling fear.

"[Monday night's] official theme was 'Make America Safe Again," he said of the Republican National Convention's first day on Tuesday's episode of
"The Daily Show."

"But to us, the theme really felt like 'Make America Fear Again,' because that's what all the speeches were about."

The "Daily Show" host then played a montage of clips from the speeches to illustrate Noah's point. There was actor Scott Baio warning that "all the things that we hold dear are being attacked every single day." And Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell warning, "Your war is here." Also, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani yelling, "Terrorists who are going to come to Western Europe and come here and kill us!"

"You guys are acting like America is Westeros and winter is coming," Noah said, referring to the plot on HBO's "Game of Thrones."


He then continued, "It was terror, speech after speech screaming about everything that will kill us. Forget 'Make America Safe Again,' after that I just wanted to make my underpants dry again."

A perplexed Noah then presented statistics on how crime has declined from 20 years ago, and wondered how Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. could celebrate that the policeman initially charged with killing Baltimore's Freddie Gray was acquitted of all charges.

"Don't get me wrong," Noah said. "I'm not saying no one has the right to be afraid. I'm not even saying feelings are inconsequential. You can not complain about America being afraid, though, when you are the same people frightening it."

Watch Noah's take on the RNC below: