Trump's campaign manager calls Google a 'threat to the republic' after a leaked video shows executives lamenting Trump's 2016 victory


Brad Parscale

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Brad Parscale.


Brad Parscale, Donald Trump's campaign manager for the 2020 election, wants Congress to investigate Google following the leak of a video that showed the internet company's top managers lamenting Trump's election victory in 2016.

The video was recorded during one of Google's weekly all hands meetings, known as TGIF meetings, and was leaked to the right-wing Breitbart news site on Wednesday.  

"Let's face it, most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad because of the election...myself, as a immigrant and refugee I certainly find this election deeply offensive and I know many of you do too," Google cofounder Sergey Brin is seen saying in the video. 

The comments do not appear very different from other critical comments Brin made following the election, particularly with regards to Trump's views on immigration. But the leaked video was quickly seized upon by associates of Trump, who have been leading a drumbeat of accusations about anti-conservative bias within the tech industry. 

"Google needs to explain why this isn't a threat to the republic," tweeted Brad Parscale, the manager of Trump's 2020 election campaign. 

Parscale's tweet comes amid a full-scale attack by Trump and his allies on Google. The President also took to Twitter two weeks ago and accused Google of rigging search results as part of an effort to silence the voices of people with politically conservative views and to make him look bad.

Trump also alleged that Google had not promoted his state of the union addresses on its famous front door the same way the company had done for former US President Barack Obama. Google refuted the claim and provided evidence that it promoted Trump's speeches before Congress in the same way as Obama's. 

Business Insider is going through the video and will update this story soon.  

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