Twitter CFO: Expect no 'meaningful' user growth 'for a considerable amount of time'


Anthony Noto - Sun Valley


Twitter just threw cold water on investor hopes that the company is making progress expanding the size of its audience.


Twitter's user growth has stalled in recent months, and has been stagnant in the US for more than a year, but Wall Street has been hoping that new products would help revive the company's total number of monthly active users.

During the company's Q2 earnings call on Tuesday though, Twitter Finance Chief Anthony Noto basically said that the company's user growth is not expected to rebound anytime soon.

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"We do not expect to see sustained meaningful growth in MAU until we start to reach the mass market. We expect that will take a considerable amount of time."

Twitter is popular among celebrities, journalists and activists, but its audience of slightly more than 300 million users is tiny compared to Facebook, which claims 1.4 billion users. Twitter's user growth in the US came to a halt during the second quarter, stalling at 66 million users (including SMS), the same number as in the first quarter of the year. All of the new users in Q2 came from international regions.


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