Twitter is creating special new pages dedicated to products and places

Twitter is testing out two new features aimed at leveraging the revenue power of "products."

The first feature organizes tweets around "products" (or "places") - giving these each their own page, according to a new Twitter blog post (via Recode).

Each page will have images and video about the product or place, along with information about it like description or price. And there will, sometimes, be a "buy on Twitter button" for fast and easy purchase. A tweet stream regarding the product will appear below the more general content.
new twitter feature


The second feature Twitter is testing, also related to brands, is the creation of specific tweet "collections" based around products (or places). Someone, like Demi Lovato, will curate a collection of tweets about products or places they find "interesting." Twitter says it will focus on collections from "influencers," and that you'll be able to access these collections from their personal pages.

Here are some examples:

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