Twitter wants its next CEO to be someone who 'really uses and loves the product in every single way'


dick costolo

Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian

Twitter just held a press conference to talk about CEO Dick Costolo stepping down and cofounder Jack Dorsey taking the reigns in the interim.

One questioner on the call asked what Twitter would be looking for in a new CEO.

"We're looking for someone who really uses and loves the product in every single way," Dorsey answered. "That is going to be a huge attribute that the search committee is looking for."


Neither Dorsey nor Costolo will be part of the search committee, but they said that Twitter will be considering both internal and external candidates.

Dorsey continued:

"As an entrepreneur who had a huge hand in creating this service and has watched it over nearly ten years, it's just amazing its capability to show the world live and for everything it is, and to be able to have a live conversation on it. And I just think there's so much potential there, both for individuals and for brands that can be amplified. That's exactly what the team is doing, and that's exactly what we will continue doing."


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