Two top Twitter execs just jumped ship


Jack Dorsey Square CEO

Yahoo News

Looks like Jack Dorsey is cleaning house.

Right as Twitter announced its Q2 earnings - the first report under interim-CEO Dorsey - two company execs announced their departure on Twitter. 

Todd Jackson, former director of product management, and Christian Oestline, former vice president of product management, are leaving for Dropbox and Google respectively. 

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Jackson had been at the company for about a year and a half, and Oestline had been there about two. 

Jackson will joining Dropbox as its head of product, replacing Ilya Fushman, who left for Index Ventures last month. Dropbox has been slow to innovate on its core product, and several sources told Business Insider that the product function at the company has been broken.


Oestline will be joining YouTube.





Twitter ended up beating analyst expectations on both the top and bottom line, although its user-growth has stalled in the US.   

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