Uber launched UberEATS in Delhi-NCR and this is why it’s different

Delhi, well known for its love for North Indian and international cuisines, has a vibrant food culture and Uber, today added to that craze by launching its UberEATS service to Delhi, NCR starting with Gurugram.

Partnering with over 300 restaurants, UberEATS will give local restaurants in Delhi-NCR another reliable delivery option.

According to Redseer Consulting, Partners Satisfaction with growth in business from food tech players has improved from the last quarter primarily driven by:

1.Sustained growth in the order volume

2.The emergence of the delivery source as an additional revenue source. In the midst of many restaurants already partnering with companies like Swiggy, Foodpanda and Zomato alongside their own delivery boys, it’s questionable whether UberEATS is going to make an impact.


The food business for Uber can be profitable in India as they rely on charging service fees and providing restaurant management tools to their partners for revenue. Uber has already turned profitable in some markets, according to the company.

UberEATS was started in 2014 as a small delivery pilot in Los Angeles and launched as a separate application in Toronto in December 2015. In the past 18 months, it has grown incredibly fast, and is now a stand-alone app available in 29 countries and in 97 cities around the globe, including India. The UberEATS app is separate to the Uber app people use to request a ride and has been built specifically to make food delivery as seamless as possible.

Starting today, consumers can download the new app for iOS and Android from the iTunes/Google play store or go online at ubereats.com to order anywhere in Gurugram.
How is the app different:

  1. Only Bike-delivery: The company will only deliver through their delivery partners who are using the two-wheeler to deliver the order.
  2. Track the progress of the delivery - Get updates as your order is prepared and watch in realtime as the meals is delivered to your destination
  3. Get Personalized Recommendations- The app picks up on ordering style as you order from the app frequently. It predicts if you prefer healthy food, or vegetarian food on some days of the week and gives recommendations accordingly.