Uber's driverless car took a selfie of me during my ride


Let's be real: if you're riding in a robotic car that can drive itself (well, almost), you definitely want a memento to mark the occasion. Well, Uber has you covered.


As part of a pilot program, select customers can take a ride in Uber's self-driving car starting Wednesday morning. Those who are lucky enough to get an invite will see a giant display in the backseat that doubles as a source of information and selfie cam.

Here's the shot it took of me:

Uber superimposes your face over a real LiDAR feed of your car driving itself. For those who aren't familiar, LiDAR stands for light-sensing radar, which is a remote sensing technology that uses lasers to map out the world around the car so it can "see" obstacles.


So that image you're seeing is actually how Uber's cars perceive the world around them. Pretty neat, huh?

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