'Undercover Boss' Appearance Taught This CEO A Lesson About Tomatoes


Matthew Corrin before and after undercover boss

Courtesy Freshii

Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin will be on an episode of 'Undercover Boss Canada' airing tonight.

The healthy-casual restaurant has 100 locations worldwide and is expanding rapidly.

We spoke to Corrin about how he disguised himself from employees, the most painful moment on the show, and how the experience changed his business.


Business Insider: How did you make sure that your employees wouldn't recognize you?

Corrin: I actually wore a fat suit! I'm a fanatic about healthy living and working out, so it was an interesting change. I also wore really unfashionable, baggy clothes, a big, glasses, and facial hair. It was so interesting because I noticed immediately that people treated me differently. No one looked me in the eye.

Business Insider: Did any employees mention you, not knowing who you were?


Corrin: One of the women working asked if I had heard of the founder and CEO. She said I was a runway model in New York, which wasn't true at all, I just happened to work in fashion. So I asked if she thought I could be a runway model, and she said "no."

Business Insider: Will you make any changes to Freshii's strategy based on what happened on the show?

Corrin: My primary job on the show was slicing tomatoes. I worked at several different locations, and I found that the process was different everywhere, and it wasn't as efficient as it could have been. So I went to my senior team and said "if we can't slice our tomatoes the same way, what can we be consistent about?" So we're developing the best way to slice tomatoes.


Business Insider: What was the most dramatic moment of the show?

Corrin: Well, as I was slicing tomatoes, I cut my finger open. One of my employees is an immigrant from Mexico, and she said she was going to help me like her mom used to. She dumped a ton of salt in her hands and then squeezed it into my cut. The shot shows the salt going into my wound, with blood pouring out.