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Unilever celebrates the asparagus season with a bizarre erotic cooking ad

UFS Germany Asparagus ad


Asparagus is one of the favorite vegetables for Germans in spring.

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) has launched a bizarre, erotica-themed ad for its German-speaking markets - Austria, Germany, and Switzerland - to promote its products and services around asparagus dishes for restaurateurs.

The B2B ad, spotted on German ad industry news site W&V, titled "Give me more asparagus: warning hot," is about the fantasies of a chef as he cooks asparagus in his kitchen.

As the chef chops up asparagus, the ad plays out scenes of scantily-clad girls sleeping on a bed of the vegetable and playing with a leg of ham.

The ad promotes Lukull's Hollandaise sauce and is part of a larger campaign around asparagus dishes. Asparagus is a popular food in Germany during spring, during which the country eats over 70,000 tons of the vegetable.

UFS, which supplies restaurants, is Unilever's professional food services division.

What's a little strange about this fact is that at the 2016 Cannes Lions advertising festival, Unilever's consumer arm pledged to stop stereotyping women in advertisements saying females were misrepresented in role, personality, and appearance. 

Watch the full ad here:

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