Unknown facts about Byju's founder Raveendran

Unknown facts about Byju's founder Raveendran

Raveendran, the founder of BYJU’s – The Learning App is the one who championed Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd, the famed edtech company based in Bengaluru. Figures reported in March 2019 show that he has succeeded in creating an education technology company that is worth $5.4 billion (Rs. 37,000 crore). Here are some interesting facts about Raveendran you had probably not known so far.

  • BYJU'S purchased the rights of Indian Cricket Team’s jersey in July 2019.
  • In 2006, Raveendran started coaching students for mathematics exams. Everything with this dramatic app started with the support of his students who developed online video lessons for K-12 school.
  • In the year 2012, Think and Learn found a place in the ratings Deloitte Technology Fast50 India and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific. Since then, the company maintains its position.
  • BYJU’s learning app was launched in 2015 and within the first three months of its launch, more than 2 million students downloaded it. Google Play India rated this app as the ‘Best Self-improvement’ app in 2016.
  • Harvard Business School took up BYJU’s app as a business case. By the year 2018, the app had got an overwhelming 15 million users among whom 900,000 were paid users.
  • As the founder of this largest open online course, Raveendran coined a motivating phrase “Fall in love with learning” as the tag line for his learning app.
  • Before jumping into teaching and online education, Raveendran was working as a service engineer for shipping companies.
  • As an ed-tech startup, BYJU’s is the singular learning app from India that received the highest volume of funds from investors.
  • Both his parents worked as teachers in Malayalam medium schools. His father taught physics and his mother taught mathematics.
  • Raveendran did his schooling in a tiny village of Kerala Azhikode from a Malayalam medium school.
  • Raveendran embarked on the idea of starting the online education business only when his friends approached him to share with them the many hacks he had developed for cracking the CAT examination.
  • As he scored the full marks in CAT, the IIMs approached him.
  • Not only in education, Raveendran is very good at sports too. He had played six different sports in the University level including football, cricket, table tennis, badminton.
  • Raveendran has a very interesting fashion mantra KISS which expands as Keep it simple stupid. Guided by this trend, he wears a simple black polo and a basic denim as his most preferred attire and uniform.
  • Raveendran is a very inspiring and capable teacher. He has the ability to convey difficult concepts in a lucid way aided by visual learning.
  • When he started his classes in Bengaluru, he engaged between 200 and 300 students simultaneously in a huge auditorium.
  • Despite not having any Masters degree, Raveendran cleared through the CAT two times with 100 percentile.
  • His students and fans popularly call him as BYJU sir. He envisioned to change the way students are taught and he achieved it through hard means however climbing up the ladder to phenomenal success within a very short time.