Urmila Matondkar trails against Gopal Shetty from Mumbai North Lok Sabha election

The election scene in Mumbai North has turned thrillingly interesting as Congress has fielded Urmila Matondkar as its candidate to create a stiff fight for the BJP candidate Gopal Shetty who is the sitting MP now. Observers see this scene replicating what happened in 2004 when the Congress fielded Govinda Ahuja, a popular actor against the veteran MP Ram Naik of the BJP. The result saw BJP losing the said seat.

Matondkar is very much new to politics and this is her maiden elections. She is but able to pull crowds to her campaign investing in her glamour factor. She said during her campaign in Mumbai North while everyone is projecting her as a star, common man is the star in democracy. Her election campaign has been pulling in a decent crowd, majority of them being women and children.

Shetty is a very popular resident of the Mumbai North. He started his political career quite long time back as an MLA and worked his way up to be elected as the MP in 2014 elections for the BJP. He has brought in a lot of development plans in this region. He is also one of the most popular choices of the minority communities.